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Use this business framework to turn your idea into a business outline

Being a successful entrepreneur is about your products, services, and customers... not figuring out every little problem when others have already delivered good solutions. Read on for an easy framework you can follow to harness your business idea and put it into digestible, action-oriented terms

If all an entrepreneur needed to start a business was a great idea or a realization of opportunity, then we’d see millions more businesses in this world. Everyone you talk to has an idea or a way to make the world better. Usually with “… and I would pay for that!” added for good measure. Very few people have the right business framework to get things done.

Bluntly, those people bug me. And they should bug you, too. You, after all, are the person who takes action. You aren’t interested in grand ideas from people who won’t actually pay for them but enjoy to complain or appear superior.

Get your business framework in order
Get your business framework in order

But let’s also be honest. Taking an idea and mapping it out as a business is hard. It can feel daunting. In this article, I share the framework I’ve built over my career so far interviewing over 150 entrepreneurs and building two businesses myself.

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