How one entrepreneur built a culture of ownership and transparency at work without spending tons of money

Encouraging ownership is about offering transparency to employees, sticking to your word, and having a little fun along the way. It doesn't need to cost much, but recognition and reward has to be baked into the process in order to sustain success

The holy grail of any company is for every employee to act like an owner, going the extra mile for the good of the organization. Many companies have ‘ownership’ somewhere in their values, but few have successfully built a culture to promote, sustain, and grow a sense of ownership among employees – and a lot of transparency at work. Marie Chevrier successfully built that culture at her company, Sampler.

Source: Sampler

On a mission to change retail, Chevrier built a serious business over the past five years:

But her favourite word in the office isn’t “revenue” or “churn” as other marketing-focused founders may hold dear. It’s “ownership”. I got the chance to connect with Marie to talk more about how Sampler built a culture of ownership (with almost no cost), and how other companies can emulate her.

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