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How to identify the root cause of burnout

Burnout causes productivity loss and can make entrepreneurs feel like they want to quit. When that feeling comes on, diagnose the root cause and address it as soon as possible, since treating the symptoms alone won't help in the long run

Burnout is not a simple result of long hours. The cynicism, depression, and lethargy of burnout can occur when you’re not in control of how you carry out your job, when you’re working toward goals that don’t resonate with you, and when you lack social support.” Psychology Today.

Burnout is real, and it’s dangerous. Not just for the employee but also for the company.  It reduces productivity, increases frustration, it halts mentorship, infects the culture and if not dealt with, doesn’t end well for anyone (AKA attrition).  

keep burnout from ruining your work

So how as employees and employers do we identify it and deal with it?

From my experience, there are two main sources of burnout in an office setting. First off the kind we all think about, too many hours of work to do, not enough downtime, personal time, family time or even time for other work responsibilities.  The second type of burnout is from chasing a finish line that doesn’t exist. The key to helping yourself and your employees is to figure out where the issue is coming from; poor expectations or overload?

don't let burnout get to you

Whether an employee says to you, “I am feeling so burnt out” or you notice it on your own, it’s key to sit down and address it.  Sorting through the issues will allow everyone to start feeling better and working better.

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