How to make your company Obviously Awesome (and sell more): Book review

Product positioning is about making sure the right people know how awesome you are. In her new book, positioning expert April Dunford shows you how to do that

If you’re wondering why you have a great product but lacklustre sales, you likely have a positioning problem. If communications means writing a strong message and marketing means getting your message out there, positioning means making sure your message is presented in a way that the right buyers will love.

The last bit there – presenting a message in a way the right buyers will love – is the main point of product positioning expert April Dunford’s book Obviously Awesome: How to nail product positioning so buyers get it, buy it, love it.

Source: Amazon

Hyper-practical, easy to understand for any business owner, and chock full of examples, Obviously Awesome is a must-read for business leaders who want to find customers who buy quickly, often, and don’t ask for discounts.

In this review, Dunford has given PulseBlueprint the rights to share some of the practical tips from the book on how to position your products – for free – to help business owners.