How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

When you’ve got a big product launch, you want your customers and prospects to pay attention. Prepare yourself with this checklist.

Too many marketers and business owners think of a product launch announcement as once and done. After it goes out, you want people to take action – buy something, check out your website, subscribe, or another goal. Getting the announcement ready, then, needs to consider what happens once it goes live.

Making a product launch announcement and want it to make a splash? Make sure you’re fully prepared.

Coverage types: earned, owned, and paid

Any launch announcement can have three kinds of coverage: owned, earned, and paid
Any launch announcement can have three kinds of coverage: owned, earned, and paid

The difference between owned, earned, and paid media is fairly simple:

  • Paid coverage is coverage that you pay for (self-explanatory)
  • Earned coverage is third party media outlets that write about you – that you don’t pay for but may work hard to get
  • Owned coverage is any coverage you get from platforms you own. This includes social media or your blog (note: if you pay for social media ads, that’s paid coverage, not owned)

A good product launch announcement will ideally give you the first two – both of which you don’t have to pay for. However, you will have to invest time (and some money in the form of salaries or outsourcing) to create great announcements that will get earned and owned coverage.

Make no mistake: a good announcement takes investment. It’s just that the investment is in the creation of the announcement, not necessarily in the distribution.

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