How to budget for your company so you can grow forever

Knowing how to budget will provide you the freedom to be creative

Budgeting software to help you learn how to budget

Almost every business would benefit from budgeting software, which gives you:

  • Visibility into your finances and budget
  • Data connectivity so you can see how different areas impact your budget
  • Transparency
  • Data security since it’s being held in the budgeting software and can be easily retrieved, shared, and recovered
Budget software will help you stay on track

There are a lot of budgeting software options in the market depending on your needs.

Wave Apps

Offering payroll, accounting, invoicing, and more, Wave is focused on empowering small businesses and “solopreneurs”. Their core accounting platform is free, while other services like payroll and invoicing have fees attached.

Source: Chrome Store


Quickbooks is focused on helping small businesses and freelancers manage their money and find more tax refund opportunities.


Freshbooks is another accounting and invoicing software that focuses on task automation and easy usage so business owners can spend more time building their business.


A tried and true tool, tracking expenses in Excel is still a robust option. However, updates will always be manual and data could get out of date very quickly.

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