How to budget for your company so you can grow forever

Knowing how to budget will provide you the freedom to be creative

Budgeting makes you a better entrepreneur or intrapreneur

Because budgets are focused on real dollars and cents in the business, they will make you a better entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Budgeting makes you a better entrepreneur or intrapreneur

Budgets teach you about money

The process of creating a budget will teach you more about money. As you use more budgeting software, you’ll gain both tech savviness and a digital understanding of money.

Budgets give you a financial visual of your company

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of running your business or your project – having a budget forces you to take a step back because it will encompass all the money flows in the organization.

Depending on your organization’s size the numbers may not be down to precise dollars, but having an overview will show you where the engine of your company – where you invest your resources – is driving towards.

How to budget with different budget categories and expenses

As you go into creating your budget, consider which type of budget is right for you.

Use zero based budgeting when figuring out how to budget for the first time

Zero based budgeting

Zero based budgeting looks at the business from the lens of every expense having to prove itself.

When you use zero based budgeting, you get a clean slate every time. This means having a list of all your expense categories, then filling it in line-by-line with necessary items and their costs. Each item is up for debate and must show its value or it risks being taken off the budget.

How to budget with zero based budgeting

These kinds of budgets are best for very small, lean teams – or teams looking to cut costs and prove the value of each expense.

If you’re just figuring out how to budget, zero based budgeting may be a solid option for you.

Step 1

You start by looking at every expense category in the business.

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