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No venture capital: Why every entrepreneur should try bootstrapping their business

Building a business is difficult, but not taking venture capital actually gives you some surprising benefits

We “hacked” our offices to save money

I needed to get creative to launch a business with no venture capital and sustain myself.

I didn’t pay for office space and instead hosted my co-workers every day in the townhouse I rented at in Toronto. Entrepreneurship is risky, and I took a risk my landlord would (thankfully) never find out. We had laptops, a one-of-a-kind idea, and a talented team – anything was possible.

Instead of buying a printer, we entered a contest to win one

We made big things happen in a small space, and we did it together. We went so far as to enter a contest to win a new printer, so we didn’t have to buy one. After that, the team created videos, found a cheerleading crew, and pulled off announcement stunts in the middle of downtown Toronto.

All this fun bound the team together with energy and commitment. We didn’t pay for a new printer; we earned it by winning the competition.

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