How one entrepreneur aced prioritization and found intrapreneurs to help her along the way (and how you can, too)

Even after building two businesses, Nicole Verkindt is always learning more about prioritization and finding intrapreneurs to join her company

Intrapreneur prioritization and embracing the misfits

Getting the right people in the door is make-or-break for any company, but is especially crucial for early stage startups. After a person has the basic skills, Verkindt says grows requires finding people with drive to succeed. Once they’re in, treat them like adults.

“I think when you start to embrace the misfits of society – people that don’t feel like they’re cookie cutter in one specific role – you can harness that and they start to figure out where they fit and add value,” she said. “Then it’s like they’re an entrepreneur within an organization.”

The best teams are the ones that foster intrapreneurship
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But simply hiring someone to be an intrapreneur and leaving them alone is not an option, said Verkindt.

“It’s all about communication,” she said. “Being honest with each other about what the organization needs and about what each individual person needs.”

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