How one entrepreneur aced prioritization and found intrapreneurs to help her along the way (and how you can, too)

Even after building two businesses, Nicole Verkindt is always learning more about prioritization and finding intrapreneurs to join her company

If someone realizes they have a bad fit – an accountant should be in sales, for instance – Verkindt said it’s a matter of having “adult conversations”. In those chats, clearly discuss company needs and transition planning. Clear expectations, for example indicating how long transition timelines will take, you respect your team’s needs without harming the organization.

If the intrapreneur really needs to transition quickly, then include them in the replacement process.

Team work makes the dream work (Source: Unsplash)
Team work makes the dream work (Source: Unsplash)

As Verkindt said, if the person wants to transition faster than the company can organically let them, then help the company recruit and find the next person. “You’re motivated for it,” Verkindt said.

Creating a system that centres on company needs mixed with individual needs empowers intrapreneurship, builds successful business, and ensures that prioritization is followed. As OMX continues to grow, Verkindt is aware that she needs intrapreneurs and prioritization to help her along the way, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still be hard.

“I think I had to go on a journey,” said Verkindt. “It’s the cheesiest word on the planet, but I had to go on my own. And people can be very critical – it doesn’t stop hurting. But being really different and thinking differently, especially in this new economy that we’re all entering, is going to be your advantage.”

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