How one entrepreneur aced prioritization and found intrapreneurs to help her along the way (and how you can, too)

Even after building two businesses, Nicole Verkindt is always learning more about prioritization and finding intrapreneurs to join her company

Prioritizing which customers get resources and which don’t

When Verkindt started OMX, she thought big corporations would love it. They have huge procurement reporting obligations and little technology to help them.

Perhaps foolishly, Verkindt assumed these large corporates would love her. She was wrong. She would jokingly come to know the first 12 customers she interviewed in 2013, when OMX was getting started, as “The 12 Angry Men”.

When a customer gets angry, you have to get about prioritization to keep your business alive
The 12 Angry Men, in cat form (Source: Unsplash)

“We went into this meeting one day with 12 super users – they were from huge corporations that would make up our revenue base,” Verkindt said. “And they attacked us for areas of the platform they couldn’t stand or would never use.”

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