How one entrepreneur aced prioritization and found intrapreneurs to help her along the way (and how you can, too)

Even after building two businesses, Nicole Verkindt is always learning more about prioritization and finding intrapreneurs to join her company

“We found 12 new people and asked them if we built [the product they wanted] would they pay for it two weeks later; that was the threshold,” said Verkindt. “We actually went downstream, got away from big companies, and started working with some more entrepreneurial manufacturing companies that still had to submit this reporting. We spoke to the owners that would actually be using [the platform].”

Don’t be afraid to look for customers in new areas (Source: Unsplash)

She was very direct with her potential customers. When she asked how much they’d pay, she wanted to see the money – not be given a favour.

“Customers will tell you all sorts of things they want,” she said. “But there’s a couple threads here: there’s how painful is it and how urgent is it? If you’re missing those two things… you’re in trouble.”

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