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The forgotten project management skills every intrapreneur needs to cultivate massive impact

Intrapreneurs need different project management skills compared to entrepreneurs because they have to work in an established environment

Project management skills: Customer orientation

As an intrapreneur, you are the customer’s champion for your project. Even if the work you’re doing is on a backend process or internal efficiency, the net result is to create a better customer experience or help customers more easily purchase from you.

You’re looking for revenue, but the lever you pull is nearly always connected to your ability to serve the customer better.

Become more customer oriented

To develop a better customer orientation, look for:

Direct feedback whenever possible. Conducting surveys or customer interviews can help here.

Social listening. Become friends with whomever runs your social media – see who your followers and customers are. Pay attention to what they talk about in your space.

Draw the path to the customer. If you’re working on a customer innovation, the path is fairly direct. If you’re optimizing a backend practice, tie it all the way to the customer – who gains more time or efficiency? Are they using it to directly serve the customer? Or are they using that time to be more strategic, supporting someone else serving the customer?

However many steps there are, do the work to tie major project initiatives to the customer lifecycle of your organization.

Project management skills for intrapreneurs

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking entrepreneurial project management skills can easily translate to an intrapreneurial environment. Execution is crucial, meaning you need the right skills for the right context.

Intrapreneurial projects require different project management skills

As an intrapreneur, it’s your job to bring the creativity of an entrepreneur to your job. To do that successfully, apply that creativity to the context of your office, your work environment, and your company.

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