What is intrapreneurship? Here’s the answer based on explanations from 5 entrepreneurs, academics, and investors

What is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur. Here's how billionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors talk about it

Dragon’s Den investor Michele Romanow talks about encouraging resilience

When Michele Romanow joined investing reality show Dragon’s Den, she was the youngest person to become a “Dragon”. While she looked glamorous on TV, it took years of resilience and being scrappy to get to the level of success she has today. When it comes to intrapreneurship, resilience is a key factor.

What is intrapreneurship to Michele Romanow? Resilience
Source: Speakers’ Spotlight

She credits her rise to success with being the “Chief Everything Officer”, as she mentioned in an interview with YouInc. Now, she encourages the same mentality of scrappiness and resilience in her employees at Clearbanc. These values are so necessary to her that she ingrained them in Clearbanc’s company values of Speed, Transparency, and Independence.

As a mentor to her employees, she advocates for “launch now, fix later,” a philosophy that it’s better to get something going and test it – struggling through the hard days – than waiting for a ‘perfect’ time.

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