What is intrapreneurship? Here’s the answer based on explanations from 5 entrepreneurs, academics, and investors

What is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur. Here's how billionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors talk about it

Willful Wills CEO Erin Bury talks about resourcefulness

If you ask Erin Bury what is intrapreneurship, she’ll likely talk about being resourceful. In an interview with PulseBlueprint, the entrepreneur and investor said she looks for employees that show resourcefulness over direct skills.

“You can teach people to be better writers, or to person tasks at your company – but what you can’t teach is that innate sense of ‘figuring it out’ and coming to you with solutions, not problems”

Part of this comes from her experience as an intrapreneur. When she started her career, a startup founder taught her that being resourceful was more important than having all the skills at once. When you have resourcefulness, you can learn nearly anything.

What is intrapreneurship to Erin Bury? Resourcefulness
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