What is intrapreneurship? Here’s the answer based on explanations from 5 entrepreneurs, academics, and investors

What is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur. Here's how billionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors talk about it

Academic Richard Florida talks about the creative class

Outspoken academic Richard Florida talks about the future of cities. In his research, he indicates the “creative class” will dominate the working world in the future. These people are characterized by their creativity and their ability to solve problems – skills that are necessary for intrapreneurs as well.

For a city to attract people of this class, it must have what Florida calls the “Three T’s” – Talent, Tolerance, and Technology.

What is intrapreneurship to academic Richard Florida? Being a member of the creative class
Source: Speakers’ Spotlight

That means aspiring intrapreneurs, need to be highly educated on topics that affect the future of work. Further, they have to be aware of differences and know how to leverage diversity, and they need to be technologically savvy (or able to learn).

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