What is intrapreneurship? Here’s the answer based on explanations from 5 entrepreneurs, academics, and investors

What is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur. Here's how billionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors talk about it

Amazon challenger Marie Chevrier talks about taking ownership

Marie Chevrier’s company, Sampler, is taking on Amazon in the race for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sampling. To get there, the company will need to be really special. This is especially true when you consider the funding differentials – Sampler raised $3 million for the whole company. Jeff Bezos made that in less than a week).

To grow, founder and CEO Marie Chevrier talks about encouraging employees to take ownership in their work and the company.

Whether hiring, team meetings, or even employee recognition, Chevrier believes that employees should own as much as possible. When it comes to intrapreneurship, owning your work (and outcomes) is a necessity.

What is intrapreneurship to Marie Chevrier? Taking ownership
Source: Sampler

What is intrapreneurship? It depends

Each company will have a slightly different definition of what it means to be an intrapreneur there. That’s not because the word is different, per se, but how it applies in specific environments changes.

Each person in this list wants the same thing – passionate employees that solve company problems and take pride in their work – but each describes it slightly differently. These differences are a great way for intrapreneurs to identify which company they are most likely to succeed at.

It’s not one size fits all with intrapreneurship, so make sure that one of the first problems you solve as an intrapreneur is finding the right environment for you to thrive.

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