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Intrapreneurship: How to cultivate it in your company so you can take big bets and win

Intrapreneurship is more than just hiring ‘entrepreneurial people’ - make sure you set the right foundation for success in your company

Autonomy gives intrapreneurs the ability to work

Give intrapreneurs autonomy to cultivate intrapreneurship in your company

Micromanagement kills creativity. When an intrapreneur gets to work, they need the same kind of autonomy that an entrepreneur has – that is, they have to be able to try, fail, and set their own path.

With a boss constantly scrutinizing every action or criticizing each step, intrapreneurship crumbles. This is because intrapreneurship thrives on the opportunity to work, learn, and lead, things that micromanagement hinders.

In particular, autonomy helps intrapreneurship because it allows people to “go down rabbit holes” of unique or novel ideas and test them out.

How to become more comfortable with autonomy

For the manager or executive: Setting up-front expectations and sharing all key information + obstacles will help you give your intrapreneur more autonomy. If you’re new to letting people work autonomously or your company culture doesn’t usually empower it yet, break up the project into smaller milestones and let the intrapreneur work milestone-to-milestone with regular check-ins.

For the intrapreneur: If your manager is not comfortable with the idea of autonomous work and you’re making a case for it, encourage regular communication. Autonomy doesn’t mean you work completely alone – consider a weekly or bi-weekly check in so you can give them full status updates, reports on progress or roadblocks, and take in their ideas or feedback. That way you get more autonomy but they are not completely out of the loop.

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