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Intrapreneurship: How to cultivate it in your company so you can take big bets and win

Intrapreneurship is more than just hiring ‘entrepreneurial people’ - make sure you set the right foundation for success in your company

Support scales intrapreneurship

Support scales intrapreneurship

One incorrect assumption about intrapreneurship is that you can give them a task, say “Go!” and they will deliver. The reality is that intrapreneurs need support and cover in order to be truly successful.

Support and cover comes in a variety of ways, but it’s primarily about helping the intrapreneur get the resources they need to successfully complete a project.

How to support intrapreneurship

For managers and executives, provide support and cover by being a(n):

  • Obstacle bulldozer: using your seniority to clear a path
  • Problem umbrella: shielding the intrapreneur from issues at the top of the company
  • Super connector: connecting intrapreneurs to the people they need to know
  • Credibility lender: using your position and title to cultivate support for the intrapreneur’s work
  • Intrapreneurship advocate: use your voice to support the project, even during the rough times, to remind people of the huge potential it carries

Above all, be willing to listen to the intrapreneur to help with problems as they arise.

For the intrapreneur, make sure you’re asking for what you need. Be clear with your manager or executive if you need some help. Typically, this is done by explaining what you hoped to accomplish and what’s stopping you.

It will be difficult to not come across as complaining or whining in this instance, but the more you stick to the facts, the better off you’ll be.

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