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Intrapreneurship: How to cultivate it in your company so you can take big bets and win

Intrapreneurship is more than just hiring ‘entrepreneurial people’ - make sure you set the right foundation for success in your company

Cultivating intrapreneurship is straightforward

Cultivating intrapreneurship requires a plan

When a company works to cultivate intrapreneurship, it’s usually for two reasons: they want employees to have more meaningful work and they want to create more profit. Usually, creating more meaningful work for employees leads to more profit, so the two goals are connected.

It’s not a bad thing to work for profit, that’s why people have jobs in the first place. But companies can’t expect employees to take on intrapreneurial projects without the right foundation. Creating the right foundation, though, leads to prosperity for all involved. The company makes more money and the intrapreneur gets career (and financial) rewards. It’s a win-win.

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