The top 6 things to have in every PR pitch if you want to get good earned media coverage

Craft a great pitch to increase your chances of getting high-quality earned media coverage

5- Make your ask clearly for earned media

It sounds weird, but many earned media pitches don’t actually have a direct ask for coverage in them. Someone will send an email with a bunch of information splashed all over the page, perhaps an attachment, but no ask. You may think you’re being un-pushy by not assuming that someone will cover your story, but keep in mind that journalists receive tons of pitches a day (and some write for many outlets). If you’re not specific, you’ll lose out most of the time.

make your ask clear

Make sure you are clear about:

  • Wanting coverage
  • Why you think you have a story
  • What outlet(s) you think it would be good for (that the journalist writes for)

This applies whether you have a relationship with the journalist or not, but especially in cold emails. Whatever you do, don’t ask for a coffee to “get to know” the person when you really just want to pitch them – it’s cheap, it’s lazy, and it’s a trick. Don’t do it.

know what kind of earned media you want

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