The top 6 things to have in every PR pitch if you want to get good earned media coverage

Craft a great pitch to increase your chances of getting high-quality earned media coverage

4- Show that you understand the journalist’s work

Earned media is a confusing game when it comes to content style, but understanding the journalist’s work is crucial to getting them to accept your pitch.

If a journalist is known for writing cultural commentary and long-form pieces, they are likely not going to accept a run of the mill press release about earnings or fundraising. It’s not their writing style. Same goes on the flip side: a breaking news journalist is less likely to accept a feature profile pitch.

show you know the journalist's work

Whenever you’re pitching, make sure you pitch to fit:

  • The journalist’s writing topics
  • Writing style(s) the journalist typically uses

To get this information, look at the journalist’s work online. A Google search will turn up most of what you want to know, but looking at their LinkedIn or MuckRack will also help you understand where else/how else they write.

When crafting an earned media pitch, remember that journalists are busy and are often thinking about a million things at once. Similar to positioning your product well, position your pitch in the context of other the journalist’s other work.

pay attention to the journalist's other work

For example, if you want a feature profile article out of your pitch, mention a feature profile article that the journalist has already written in your reach out. Then explain why your story would be great for that format – perhaps it’s someone willing to go “no holds barred” on the record, making for a really interesting story, or perhaps it’s a notable person that people want to read about.

Hinting at possible formats is a good way to help the journalist frame your story. Just don’t be pushy about it if they opt to take a different story angle.

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