The top 6 things to have in every PR pitch if you want to get good earned media coverage

Craft a great pitch to increase your chances of getting high-quality earned media coverage

3- Frame your ask in the context of the publication

A train magazine will never write about non-train related stories. While it may write about train-adjacent stories like railway hotels and new forms of train station architecture, it likely won’t write about cars. If you have a car story, don’t pitch the train magazine for earned media coverage – it won’t work, it’s a waste of both of your time, and will annoy the journalist.

position your story for the outlet and the journalist

The same goes for tech and innovation related publications. Each one has an ethos and an angle, so simply having a technology solution does not necessarily make you a fit for every tech publication. Since all publications care about eyeballs at the end of the day, mention in your earned media pitch why you think readers of a specific publication will care about the story.

If you’re not sure about a specific publication, try three things:

  • Read their About Us page – you should be able to get the whole story
  • Google the company and read what shows up in the Google preview – that’s often edited to be a super condensed version of their mission
  • Ask a journalist on staff (the one you eventually want to pitch) – this may backfire, so use it as a last resort
get to know the publication you're pitching

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