The top 6 things to have in every PR pitch if you want to get good earned media coverage

Craft a great pitch to increase your chances of getting high-quality earned media coverage

2- Keep your initial pitch short and genuine

When you first reach out for earned media – particularly for cold emails – blasting the whole press release may not be the best idea. Instead, try a shorter approach that asks if the journalist would like more information. In this approach, use a teaser of the information that offers 1-2 sentences of the key story points.

Here’s an example email to send, taken from a successful pitch that I used to get earned media coverage in a top-tier global publication.

example earned media pitch email

A couple notes about this pitch:

  • It’s short. The “pitch” itself is only one sentence.
  • I introduced myself. No one likes talking to a spam bot.
  • I noted the lens. This helps with simple framing.
  • I mentioned other articles by this journalist. In a real pitch, I’d mention the articles by name.
keep pitches for earned media short and sweet

A side note here for anyone pitching for earned media: technically, everything is on the record with a journalist unless you both agree to have it off the record prior to the journalist receiving the information. Most journalists will respect privacy when they get a pitch, but technically a journalist could publish that XYZ company “is set to announce” global clients and a recent expansion.

If there’s a true embargoed story (one that can’t go out until a certain time and date), always ask the journalist if they agree to the embargo before sending them any details.

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