How Zoocasa’s Lauren Haw is a parent and serial entrepreneur at the same time

Serial entrepreneur Lauren Haw made the decision early on that she wanted control over her own finances, and that meant being an entrepreneur. From working 100 hour weeks to building two businesses while pregnant, her advice to entrepreneurs is the same she gives herself: learn along the way and never give up

“I’m sorry if I sound out of breath while talking to you. I’m 8 months pregnant and walking home to meet my nanny.”

I was set to interview Zoocasa CEO Lauren Haw at their King Street East offices in downtown Toronto, but had to move it to a phone call due to a scheduling conflict. As it turns out, that was a good thing. Lauren needed to meet her nanny and would have had to end our conversation short if I’d come into the office.

Expansion can be great if you can handle it
Expansion can be great if you can handle it

With Zoocasa expanding – the organization has hired 12 employees so far in 2018, bringing the headcount to 55, and is planning to recruit more – Lauren’s pregnancy could not have come at a more interesting time. However, this is her second pregnancy and fifth business; she’s capable of handling what’s about to come.

We started off with some basic chit chat, and Lauren was more than happy to answer all of my questions, diversions, tangents, and fascinations. I mentioned to her that I’d been a journalist for some time and had the privilege to interview some brilliant Canadian entrepreneurs, and it turns out we have some contacts in common – Lauren knows both RateHub founder Alyssa Furtado and Clearbanc founder (and Dragon on Dragon’s Den) Michele Romanow.

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