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Why this venture capitalist believes entrepreneurs should spend 50% of their time learning

Entrepreneurs need to spend a good chunk of their time learning. Whether it's specific problems for clients, building your business, or simply gaining knowledge, keeping the mind fresh and constantly growing is the key to long-term entrepreneurial success

Moving from the product world to investor world is not a usual jump, but two-time Chief Product Officer-turned-Venture capitalist Catherine Ulrich says it was the right next step.

Beginning her career in product management, Catherine worked her way up to become Chief Product Officer at both Weight Watchers and Shutterstock. Focused on helping individuals make a positive impact in their lives throughout her entire career, she now invests in and advises companies working to solve global problems through First Mark Capital, where she is an investment partner.

If you work with a venture capitalist, they'll want to see that you can focus

How can small startups and early-stage entrepreneurs focus on impact when money and time are tight?

If you want to make an impact in anything you do, you have to get as close to the problem you are solving as possible. I see this with founders I advise – success comes based on how closely you understand the problem you are solving.

The better you are at getting close to customers, the better chance you’ll have at making an impact. It’s also the smartest way to not waste time or money.

This is especially true with the decreasing costs of launching a new business. The key is if you’re focusing on the right problem, if you have the best user experience, and if you’re using the right technology.

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