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The three kinds of rest every entrepreneur needs

You're probably resting wrong. Most people are. Every entrepreneur needs three kinds of rest (Active, Functional, and True) to make the most of their working day

As alluring as it sounds, bingeing Netflix all day can be harmful. It could actually make you feel more anxious, tired, or whatever emotion stopped you from getting your work done. Rest is about rejuvenation and recuperation so you can be more successful – not so you can do nothing and hope for the best.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes doing absolutely nothing is precisely what you need. It’s just not all that you need and doing too much of it will cause harm over good in the long run.

rest right to perform right

I learned this lesson from my Olympian track and field coach while a varsity athlete at Yale. But it wasn’t until I founded my first business (I talk about this in our About page) did I see just how applicable the lesson – the 3 kinds of strategic rests every athlete needs – is to the entrepreneurship world.

Rest 1: Active rest

The premise of active rest is simple: it’s the things that make the things you need to do easier.

Wordy, right? Let me explain.

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