How Diane Kazarian fosters entrepreneurial mindsets as a global PwC executive

Being strategic about the value of your yes's and no's helps everyone, from accountant to entrepreneur, navigate their careers towards more success and fulfillment.

Sometimes in a career, people reach heights greater than anyone – themselves included – would have initially thought possible. Diane Kazarian is one such person.

Starting out a small-city accountant in Providence, USA, she moved to Toronto and grew the ranks at PwC Canada to become the firm’s National Financial Services Leader and most recently, GTA Managing Partner.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA. (Source:
Providence, Rhode Island, USA. (Source:

The first woman to take on the Managing Partner role in any of PwC’s major city offices, Kazarian looks at her title with fondness, responsibility, and excitement. She still gets to dig into interesting problems faced by global firms, but she also gets to be a champion for diversity and inclusion in financial services and the broader GTA market — a role she relishes.

Her journey, though, was far from what you’d expect from a Big Four business advisory firm managing partner. The daughter of an Armenian opera-singer-turned-housewife mother and an old-fashioned, Armenian immigrant father, Kazarian gained a strong desire for independence from an early age that carried her through her career and still helps guide her decisions today.

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