Why all entrepreneurs need employee onboarding plans

Employee retention starts before they walk in the door. Make sure you have a plan in place to welcome new employees and get them onboarded. It not only helps them provide value faster, it reminds them why they chose you in the first place

If I ask the majority of my clients what their on-boarding process is they will tell me that when the employees arrives on day one, they are put in a room with all the documents they need to fill out, a lovely HR person welcoming them to the team and then either left there for a whole day of training or brought to their desk, introduced and left to work.  I typically sit there stunned, mostly because I can’t understand how they can’t understand why they are having a problem with employee engagement but also because I can’t help thinking how I would feel if this is how I was on-boarded.

Think about Day One for a new employee as actually Day Zero.   Day Zero should be welcoming, fun, warm, engaging and positive.  Day One should be more pragmatic, more about process, set up and the start to a great career.

Here are some ideas for Day Zero

  • Greet the new employee upon arrival, be there waiting before they get there, no one wants to be left alone in reception feeling awkward. This person does not need to start at 9am, 10am is perfectly acceptable for Day Zero.
  • Give them a tour of the office, not a quick one, a real stop and chat one across all departments. Start with the kitchen so they can grab a coffee.
  • Show them their work station, make sure it’s properly set up and everything they need is there. Don’t make them sit there and wait.  Do let them put stuff away if they have anything.

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