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5 ways to survive the employee-to-entrepreneurship transition

Becoming an entrepreneur when you're used to being an employee is hard. But if you commit to a daily practice of self-coaching (even just a few minutes a day), you can set yourself up for success

When anyone embarks on an entrepreneurial journey, there will be a moment when you think “What did I get myself into?” – I know because it happened to me when I started my business. Like many entrepreneurs who leap from having a job to running a business, I got used to being fed a salary every 2 weeks and to rely on my boss to tell me what to do.

Now I had to figure everything on my own, which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I quickly realized that being an entrepreneur meant learning new things every single day and being constantly outside of my comfort zone.

It can sound sexy, but after a while it becomes very stressful & overwhelming to deal with many different emotions at the same time. No one else than you can decide which direction to take and you are in charge of evaluating if you are doing a great job or not. So self-doubt, insecurities and limiting beliefs are inevitably coming up.

From the highs and lows, I learned that the only factor that would make me successful was focusing on my mindset. I had to find a way to push through the fears and doubts to make magic happen.

I want to share a few tactics that I’ve used to coach myself and survive the employee to entrepreneur transition.

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