How Kelly Lovell learned to build a passion based business

Kelly Lovell is an entrepreneur on a mission, and to join that mission all she asks is that you have passion for her cause: empowering youth entrepreneurs. Everything else, she says, can be trained

After starting many entrepreneurial endeavours from the age of 13, Kelly Lovell founded her current business at age 19 and is on a mission to chase her passion: to help companies of all sizes become “future proof”.

Her business, Lovell Corporation, consults with companies big and small to help them with talent, retention, and culture building. She’s received numerous honours and awards for her work, including being named by Queen Elizabeth II as a Queen’s Young Leader, and has gained a massive online following for her work.

Source: Lovell Corporation

Taking part in our 7 Questions series, the young entrepreneur shared how she focuses on self-development, building culture, the importance of contracts.

How do you define success?

For me, success is the impact that we have in the life of our clients and beneficiaries. I’m seeing that feedback firsthand of how we make a difference as a company is highly important to me and is very core in the culture we have here at Lovell.

From the business side as well it comes down to the impact we have for our clients, what their feedback is, and the measurable change that our services can create. We have standard business successes as well, but impact is definitely weighted stronger.

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