10 things entrepreneurs must do to hire properly

With growth comes the necessity of process. However, process doesn't need to be heavy and burdensome. Develop what you need for when you need it and watch your company grow with as few growing pains as possible

Congratulations! You’re growing!  But do you have a growth plan?

The change can happen quickly or over a number of years, but if you’re not prepared for your company’s’ growth you could damage the culture and growth you’ve worked so hard to create.

Here are some easy tips to help your company create a meaningful, strategic and long-term talent acquisition plan.

how to hire properly: a guide

Define your corporate culture

Corporate culture starts naturally but needs to be defined before you get too big and inherit whatever culture has developed. As founders and leaders, you need to define what your company stands for (and won’t stand for), what your organization supports, what you feel about and how you’ll support your employees etc…

Create an interview strategy 

There is nothing that ruins a candidate experience more than a disorganized interview process. It wastes time and you end up losing a lot of candidates along the way. Set up interview teams by groups

This should be a variety of people across all levels and functions that will potentially deal with this person. They can interview individually but those are the people who should be included every time you hire someone in that role.

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