Two ways to test your product messaging for impact

While having tons of great ideas is necessary as an entrepreneur, what you really need is a way to message those ideas in a way that speaks to potential customers – and gets them to open their wallets. There’s nothing worse than having a moment of clarity, coming up with a “billion dollar idea,” then flopping on execution because the perfect solution had an imperfect message.

It happens more than you think. 14% of businesses fail due to poor marketing. A further 42% fail due to a lack of need for their products or services, many of which probably failed more due to lack of communicating with the right customers than the whole market not wanting their services.

Messaging connects solutions to customers

context is about messaging

As product positioning guru April Dunford said, products need context, not feature descriptions. The example she used was a violin player. On the streets, he is a beggar with a violin. In an orchestra, he’s a magnificent musician and people cough up thousands to hear him play.

It’s all about context. And context is all about messaging.

The two tests that I’ve used to create and vet messaging ideas brand campaigns and even whole companies are the RIBS test and the SUCCESS test.

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