How to master risk and grow your business

The cycle of risk

business risk can lurk anywhere

Risk, as Dr. Rosen described, acts the same no matter the arena. It always follows the same pathway, meaning it can be deeply understood and, to some extent, mastered.

“People think of risk like it’s a danger or something you avoid,” said Dr. Rosen in a private interview with PulseBlueprint after his talk. “And I love the story of the word risk because I think it’s much more appropriate. Risk is something you take. It’s conscious. It’s a choice.”

During the talk and after in conversation with PulseBlueprint, Dr. Rosen outlined the 5 key elements to understanding and monitoring risk. Interestingly, only one of those steps actually involves taking risk. The rest are about self-awareness and personal comfort levels (which sounds a lot like overcoming fear and doubt, if you ask us).

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