How to master risk and grow your business

Regardless of your work, industry, or personality, everything you do for reward carries risk. The key to surviving through it is to understand it and manage it. Thankfully, risk operates the same way no matter what you’re up to

Humans and tech working together

Since the cycle of risk applies to any action, it requires humans. As much as technology is advancing, it is only one part of an increasingly complex world. For Dr. Rosen, this means the increasing necessity of humans as technology gets more sophisticated.

“You can educate yourself on how to things on the internet,” he said. “But things are becoming more complex and we need people to fix complex problems. Tech is there to help us plan.”

With this in mind, the risk cycle becomes far more manageable. Entrepreneurs can run through it without technology to begin, bringing in technology to aid action and monitoring. Above all, the one benefit of technology is it can help people make better decisions and act faster.

“Think of risk as ‘to dare,’” said Dr. Rosen. “It’s something you take, not something you avoid. But manage it along the way.”

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Photo courtesy Brodie Vissers from Burst

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