How Upside Foundation executive director Jen Couldrey automated business growth

With any venture, the leader will walk a lonely road (at least to start). When you can’t afford more people or it’s not the right call, let process be your ally, colleague, and efficiency booster

Testing sales messaging

With a new “operating system” in tow, the next step was to test out new sales messaging. The goal of the new message was to more clearly communicate the value that Upside brings to startups. Previously, said Couldrey, messaging had been more about what Upside does versus the value it provides.

“You can talk to 20 people and you will get 20 different approaches for the right way to position what you’re offering,” said Couldrey. “You have to take some input and pick what you think is best – then test that for a while. If it’s getting results, stick with it. If you’re not getting results, change it. My guiding principle is always to test something to see how it resonates.”

To start the tests, she made sure to chat with folks who she knew were likely not going to become clients. That way, if something flopped or failed to resonate, it wouldn’t severely damage a potential client relationship. It also gave her the chance to calm her nerves and get used to new messaging.

The next test was the messaging itself. So depending on the conversation and what type of person she felt she was chatting with, she’d try a slightly different way of describing the value the Upside Foundation offers.

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