How Upside Foundation executive director Jen Couldrey automated business growth

With any venture, the leader will walk a lonely road (at least to start). When you can’t afford more people or it’s not the right call, let process be your ally, colleague, and efficiency booster

Embracing the process

While it sounds great to say entrepreneurs should test things, the reality is that things don’t always go as planned. Thankfully, transparency helps a lot in these cases.

Jen Couldrey speaking about business growth and the Upside Foundation to a full house audience

Couldrey recalled speaking with a potential member about one ‘test’ she was running that didn’t produce results. So, she changed her method. The problem was that the change happened before she had the chance to explain everything to this prospect.

“He said ‘I now see you’re doing something else – what happened?’” explained Couldrey. “I was just really honest with him. I explained we were having a lot of conversations and we shifted direction. This is where we’re at now. We’re happy to have you be a part of it if you’re still open to it.”

The prospect, happy with the honesty, continued the conversations with Upside about the new direction.

“I share a lot of my process,” she said. “I share what our goals are or self-interest is. I find people are pretty responsive to that and respect you for being open and honest. When they know where you’re coming from they’re more willing to work with you on it.”

No matter what, the process is bound to not be perfect. No business growth process ever is. Instead, Couldrey advises entrepreneurs – herself included – to embrace the reality and control what you can.

“It’s a messy process,” she said. “It’s iterative. It takes time and it’s not perfect. So you just have to start where you can, continuously look for feedback and opportunities to improve, and then be as transparent as you can.”

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