How to build a great brand without spending much money

A little creativity, focus, and competitor analysis will help you create a brand customers will love (that won't break the bank)

Be consistent. And, be consistent.

Consistency will give you a solid image and voice in the marketplace. It doesn’t take huge budgets to do the same thing over and over across all of your platforms, whether that be media, in-person, or other advertising and customer communication.

Brands help you stand out

What consistency does take is the understanding that just as you’re getting sick of your creative and messaging, customers and prospects are just starting to notice you. With the milliseconds you have to get people’s attention, letting your brand become familiar to them is your greatest asset.

Tip: Come up with a strong colour palette, visual brand language and key messages. Then reform them into a range of solutions for all of your postings and media. Let the power of consistency help build your brand impact. Freshen as necessary, but always stick to your core elements.

build your brand with your team

Tip: Write a bunch of headlines that touch on all of your key messages and value points. Make them your library and use them consistently, in ads, presentations, emails, etc. Not only will it save you time, it will ensure that you’re on point in every brand interaction.

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