How to build a great brand without spending much money

A little creativity, focus, and competitor analysis will help you create a brand customers will love (that won't break the bank)

Choose your directions wisely

Don’t spend a fortune out of the gate on every element of brand. Choose a strong foundation over multiple elements (you can always build those later). If possible, tie-in influencers, relationships, client/customer testimonials and other third-party acknowledgements.

sleek branding can make all the difference

Get to a great brand foundation by looking at all of your competition and finding an area (brand image, brand voice, brand positioning, etc.) that you can own and be best at. If you’re a disruptor, build a brand that reflects that—look for ways to stand out by standing away from everyone else.

Tip: With all of your knowledge from following competitors, don’t post the same way they do. Look to other industries that might be completely different than yours and map the ideas they’re using. Then, adapt the same ideas to your audiences.

Tip: Build a deck with no more that 15 slides and answer three questions: Why are you in business?, How do you make your customer’s life/business better? and What makes you different and more effective? One more rule: no more than four points per slide.

fast food has some of the best branding in the world

Tip: Leverage templates in the beginning, especially for your website. There are so many good options out there and they are easy and inexpensive to use. But make sure you stay on brand! You’ll be able to get more custom as your business grows and evolves.

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