How to build a great brand without spending much money

A little creativity, focus, and competitor analysis will help you create a brand customers will love (that won't break the bank)

Examples of how to stand out

Dollar Shave Club

The original shave subscription company, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) disrupted a billion-dollar industry with simple and bright branding, great storytelling and a clear value proposition. While the big players were dominating the industry—and setting high prices with huge margins—they came along and offered the same quality at a much lower price.

brand example: dollar shave club
Source: Dollar Shave Club

And, they enabled their pricing to stand out by putting it right in their name.

DSC also told stories of how consumers were being taken advantage of and how they brought something new and different to the market, a key element to both sales and customer success. To wrap it all up in a great brand, they made it a subscription service—to help consumers save and create very strong loyalty.

brand example: dollar shave club
Source: Dollar Shave Club

It’s a great brand foundation that has been copied multiple times across various industries, which is a strong ode to their vision.


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