How to build a great brand without spending much money

A little creativity, focus, and competitor analysis will help you create a brand customers will love (that won't break the bank)


A clothing brand breaking targeted to business women, Hangar9 competes with big players including department stores and boutiques. Their goal is to bring a different story to working women: “We’ll help you curate the right look for you and turn 9 basic pieces into 36+ outfits”.

don't spend a fortune on every element of branding - choose a foundation

For a set appointment, women come into the store and are taken to a private area where they work with a stylist and personal shopper to create their look. Then, they can add closet editing, ongoing consultation and a pictorial outfit guide if they like. The goal is to offer personalization, curation and fashion insight focused on the needs of today’s female executives.

brand example: hangar 9
Source: Hangar 9

Compared to boutiques and department stores that only offer personal shopping to wealthy clients, it’s a strong brand foundation and a different approach to what other retailers are doing.


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