How to build a great brand without spending much money

So, you’ve started your own thing. You’re now in debt (congratulations!) or partnered to an investor that’s expecting strong returns. But now that you’re the architect of your future and your career, you’ll need to be the architect of your brand as well. Whether it’s a funded startup, a bootstrapped company or your side hustle, you want to make a memorable impact. When it comes to your business, that’s what your brand can do.

Creating an impactful brand, though, is both easier and harder than it sounds. Leverage these tips to get going and get growing.

Start with the right foundation

build your brand identity

Everything you do from day one on is going to become a building block for your business. And it’s not just about a catchy logo and colours.

While a visual identity is important, you’ll also need to:

  • Understand your audiences and what matters to them
  • Create a unique value proposition to stand out in the crowd
  • Define the things you’ll need to deliver on your key value
  • Construct a voice and writing style that represents you and makes you memorable
  • Put together key messages that position your offering in the right way

To get started on building your brand, consider taking these actions:

Tip: Reach out to your potential customers with a survey that will gather key insights into who they are and what they’re looking for related to your company and/or product.

Tip: Build a volunteer brand and marketing advisory board from your network and contacts. Many professionals are looking for opportunities to share their expertise or get involved with a fresh new company outside of their 9 to 5.

Tip: Engage an outside strategist to work with you on a blueprint for your brand. They can help you see beyond the creative elements to create an intriguing positioning for your brand.

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