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Here’s the Instagram hashtags strategy I used to 25x engagement on my posts

Getting engagement on Instagram is only partially correlated with your follower count. For those of us that want engagement but don't have hundreds of thousands of followers, here's a strategy anyone can use to skyrocket engagement on your account

Too many people are under the false impression that you need thousands or even millions of followers to get high engagement. While it’s true having more followers will naturally give you more engagement (more people see your posts organically), even accounts with small followings can have huge engagement on Instagram by using the right Instagram hashtags.

I’ve been on Instagram since October 2015. It took me until about March 2017 to get my first thousand followers. It took until October 2018 (over a year later!) to hit 1,500. As I write this (February 2019), I’m at 2,700+ followers, having nearly doubled my following in just a few months.

Get your picture ready with the right Instagram hashtags
Get your picture ready with the right Instagram hashtags

I used to get between 60-200 likes per post and be ecstatic about the 200, or even rare 300 like posts. Now, my “crap” engagement posts get 500 likes and my average is sitting at about 1,000 likes per post.

My posts didn’t change – I admit it, I post shameless selfies a lot. But my strategies changed.

After a lot of trial and error, I found the two strategies that catapulted me into consistent growth and a decent follower base. Some days I gain as many as 100 followers. My posts now regularly reach thousands of people. And I’m frequently in the top posts on hashtags with hundreds of thousands of followers.

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