Why leaders should encourage their team to take vacation

It may seem counter productive for your team to take vacation - after all, they won't be in the office. But making the most of time off means better quality time on

Most employees report that they hear nothing, or mixed messages, about time off policies. And 1 in 11 small business employees report that they are “very likely” to leave their company in the next 12 months specifically due to unfavourable vacation policies. When your employees understand that (i) you have their best interest in mind and (ii) employee time off benefits the company financially, they’ll be more likely to do it.

Remember, they want employer / employee alignment just as much as you do.

Remind employees about vacation policies throughout the year

One of the biggest nuisances about vacation and time-off policies is that employees forget to take time off. Suddenly, half your office is out for the month of December. Combat this by setting reminders to encourage employees to plan time off in advance. Remind employees that in innovative, ambitious, creative work environments, new experiences help them bring more to the table. This will lead to more productivity and help everyone be better off mentally.

“Lead by example. Founders are some of the most burnout-prone people in the business universe”

There will never be a “good” time for someone to disappear for 1-3 weeks. Planning in advance allows others to plan around the absence and reduces stress associated with pulling together a last-minute vacation.

  • Send out quarterly emails asking if your team has planned and coordinated time off for the coming months.
  • Communicate the company calendar so people know known “busy periods” versus known down-times, to the best of your ability.
  • Get people dreaming about their bucket list and vacations they want to take. During the next stand-up chat or town hall, ask each person where they’d like to travel to next. It’ll spark some fun discussions among team members!

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