How to make your company Obviously Awesome (and sell more): Book review

Product positioning is about making sure the right people know how awesome you are. In her new book, positioning expert April Dunford shows you how to do that

How are product positioning and branding related?

This book, with practical frameworks, examples, and ad-hoc tips from Dunford’s experience, seems to fill the missing spot in the path from branding to sales.

The path begins with knowing who you are as a business. World Famous: How to create a kick-ass brand hits that nail right on the head. Author David Tyreman is a well-known brand marketer who helped build global lifestyle brands like Ralph Lauren. In the book there are a series of mini-tasks and big projects to help you get to your kick-ass identity.

Once you know who you are, you need to know what to say in order to make the world realize the value of your ideas. That’s where Made to Stick: Why some ideas survive and others die comes into play. Authors Chip and Dan Heath distilled creativity into its basic elements and offer a framework, called the SUCCES framework, that entrepreneurs can follow to consistently produce “sticky” ideas.

Obviously Awesome is the third and final step, helping entrepreneurs know who needs to hear your message and and how to communicate it to them. This doesn’t refer to using tactics such as Facebook ads versus Google ads. Instead, it’s knowing what kind of person really needs what you have to offer and what kind of message (wording, reference points, and style) they need to hear in order to know your product is, well, obviously awesome.

[The three types of product positioning. Source: Obviously Awesome]
[The three types of product positioning. Source: Obviously Awesome]