Mental Health Motivation

Easy ways to overcome a mental block in 10 minutes or less

When you have a mental block, it can feel like the end of the world. Overcome it with these simple steps

Get active to overcome a mental block

People walking - overcome a mental block with physical activity | PulseBlueprint
If you can’t concentrate, try a walk or other light physical activity

Sometimes, you just need to get the body moving to clear the mind. So go for a 10 minute walk. If you’re in a larger office or coworking space, you can walk through the halls. Otherwise, go outside (if weather permits).

While walking, try to clear your mind and not think about the problem at hand. You’re walking to not only engage your body, but to remove thoughts about your mental block from your mind. This is a chance to restart the engine, so to speak.

How to overcome mental blocks on a walk

If you find that you can’t stop thinking about the work you have to do while on your walk, then consciously start to acknowledge everything in the world around you to help you overcome a mental block. That means:

  • Building materials of the buildings you walk by
  • Tiles on the sidewalk
  • Noises you hear
  • Steam, smoke, and anything else you see
  • How the road, hall, or sidewalk feels on your shoes
  • Where the sun is
  • Anything in your physical surroundings

This will keep your mind active – which it clearly wants to be – but fill it with other content to get your mind off your mental block.

Other physical activities to try that aren’t a walk

Sometimes you can’t go for a walk due to a number of circumstances. If that’s the case, try:

Or anything else that works for you. It’s just about getting your body moving and your mind off your mental block, so get creative.