Shut up and take my money: How to price things so your customers buy instantly

Selling is easy when you know how pricing works

I’ll close with this…

Modern sales is all about listening, and this applies to the way you should price your offerings.  

Before you begin building out your pricing make sure you clearly define and validate your ICPs. Interview them and ensure you’re listening to their pains and how they’re currently solving the problem. Open-ended questions are key.  Only then can you understand their current process and build out a value based pricing model.  

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Taylor is a co-founder at SalesRight where he’s on a mission to change B2B SaaS pricing.  Outside of work he helps lead Venture Out, Canada’s largest LGBTQA+ technology and entrepreneurship community.   

Questions? I’m always ready to chat, reach out to me on Twitter @rtaybond or check out some of my other articles on the SalesRight blog.

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