How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

When you’ve got a big product launch, you want your customers and prospects to pay attention. Prepare yourself with this checklist.

Blog post giving context on the product launch announcement

A lot to say about the launch? Write a blog post
A lot to say about the launch? Write a blog post

A blog post offers the more personal side to your announcement. While the press release is very focused on the what, a blog post can talk a lot more about the why.

Many CEOs will draft memos offering the more “human” side of the announcement. They will talk about the journey of the company, the people involved, and how the move is another step on the company’s path. Blog posts will typically include details considered a bit too “gushy” for a press release, which is intended to be more about the facts and the story angle.

Depending on the scale of the announcement, a blog post is not always necessary. However, it can be really helpful for something that will:

  • Fundamentally change the company, like an acquisition or merger
  • Significantly grow the company, like doubling in size
  • Significantly impact customers, like a pivot or company evolution

Elements of a good blog post

When writing a blog post, keep these things in mind:

  • Posts are typically written in the voice of the senior executive(s) in charge – most often, the CEO or founder
  • They are focused on the human elements of the story – the who and the why
  • Posts are intended to address any concerns that may be coming up
  • They are used for morale boosting on a team if big changes are coming
  • They are an opportunity to “give your side of the story” if you’re worried the announcement may be taken negatively

Make sure you write your blog post in time to go live along with the press release. You can either post this publicly or just share it privately with employees. However, be prepared for your announcement to end up public – it’s hard to guarantee privacy.  

If you don’t have a corporate blog, you may want to create either a custom landing page for the announcement or leverage blogging platforms like Medium to help you out.

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