How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

When you’ve got a big product launch, you want your customers and prospects to pay attention. Prepare yourself with this checklist.

Internal change messaging

Your team is arguably the most important stakeholder group for launch information
Your team is arguably the most important stakeholder group for launch information

In the rush to tell prospects, customers, and the media, it can be easy to forget a key group of people: employees. Even in a small company, it’s possible to not fully know what’s going on in different areas of the business.

When it comes to crafting internal change messaging for a product launch (or any announcement, really), you’ll need to:

  • Craft the message
  • Choose the right distribution vehicles

When crafting your message, use whatever tone or style feels comfortable for you. The content of your message should answer the following questions:

  1. What is happening?
  2. Why is this change happening?
  3. Who does this change impact? Who does it not impact?
  4. What action do people impacted need to take?
  5. Is support available to those impacted, if relevant?
  6. Are resources available to employees to assist those impacted?

After you craft your message, you’ll need to choose the right distribution channels. The best internal announcements typically have two distribution methods: one verbal, one written.

Verbal methods:

  • Company town hall or all-hands meeting
  • Top-down communication (leader tells VPs or Managers, who then tell their teams)
  • One-on-one meetings

Written methods:

  • Company-wide email
  • Post on company intranet
  • Instant message (Slack, Yammer, etc.)

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