How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

When you’ve got a big product launch, you want your customers and prospects to pay attention. Prepare yourself with this checklist.

Email/notice to customers and prospects letting them know about the product launch

Make sure customers and prospects know about your new launch
Make sure customers and prospects know about your new launch

This step is especially important if your announcement will impact customers or prospects in any way. This could be a great thing – such as a new feature – or something negative like a pivot that will harm their services, but you have to tell them.

If the product launch will have a negative impact on customers or prospects due to a bigger change in the company, you can mitigate the impact by explaining why and offering support or resources (the same answers you’ll need for your internal messaging). This is also a good time to ensure you have a blog post, so you can share a link to the full post. That way, you won’t need to send an incredibly long email.

You should have the following notices ready:

  • Email to all users – focused more on the announcement + high level information
  • Email to any impacted users – explain what’s happening and how you will support them through the impact

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